Matsumoto Region

The Matsumoto area is located almost in the center of Nagano Prefecture, as well as Honshu, the main island of Japan. Surrounded by the Japan Alps, Matsumoto was once a prosperous castle town, with Matsumoto Castle now designated as a National Treasure. Traditionally playing the role of a transportation hub, it now hosts Shinshu Matsumoto Airport, the only airport in the Prefecture. It is also well-known as a city of academics, music, and mountaineering. You will find the Matsumoto area's nature, culture, art and music to be full of charm

Northern Alps,Matsumoto City

Appears around 0:10

Mt.Yarigatake Sanso,Matsumoto City

Appears around 0:25

Norikura Heights,Matsumoto City

Appears around 2:21

Utsukushigahara Heights,Matsumoto City

Appears around 2:33

National Treasures Matsumoto Castle ,Matsumoto City

Appears around 2:45

Former Kaichi School,Matsumoto City

Appears around 3:23

Matsumoto High School Memorial Museum,Matsumoto City

Appears around 3:40

Shinshu Matsumoto Airport

Appears around 3:50

Narai Post-station,Shiojiri City

Appears around 4:03

Daio Wasabi Farm,Azumino City

Appears around 4:10